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Qualification Requirements For USSSA Events

What does your team have to do to qualify for certain USSSA events? 

All the answers are below.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the State Office at


To Play In The Kentucky USSSA State Tournament

  • Teams must play in (2) Qualifying Events prior to the State Tournament.  These events can be Qualifiers, NITs, or Global Qualifiers.  Events must take place in the State of Kentucky unless they are listed as Dual Qualifiers.
  • This requirement is to provide the State Office with enough Game Data to Properly Classify Teams.
  • Teams may be granted a waiver to play in the State Tournament if they do not meet these requirements, but MUST play in the Open/Major Division, and must provide documentation for not being able to meet the qualification requirements.


To Play In A Global World Series - (Gulf Shores, Indianapolis, Nashville, and more.....)

  • Teams MUST PLAY in a Global Qualifier
  • Teams MUST PLAY in the Kentucky USSSA State Tournament


To Play In The Demarini Elite 32 World Series

  • Teams MUST WIN a berth from a Super or Dual Super NIT
  • Teams MUST PLAY in the Kentucky USSSA State Tournament




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